Undoing Depression


Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau interviews Dr. Richard O’Connor who talks about breaking the habits of depression. He is the author of a must-read book called Undoing Depression. 

Comments from Kathleen:

I loved this interview (and this book) because despite the fact that I spent ten years in the mental health industry,  Dr. O’Connor hit on some things that I have never come across as it relates to depression. This is a must-listen for anyone struggling with depression as well as their families. And please please stick with the interview…we start with some basic fundamentals about the disorder, but the discussion gets much meatier and the insights more unique as we move forward. Please share this interview with others and subscribe to the podcast. We are re-releasing the content of The Kathleen Show because thousands of personal testimonials have poured in from listeners worldwide stating how much the information has impacted their lives.

A few highlights:

  • “We get good at depression.”
  • The impulse with depression is to withdraw. Continue to put yourself in joyful situations.
  • Insight on medications and alternative options.
  • Mindfulness. Doctor O’Connor describes mindfulness techniques in ways that are specific to those suffering from depression. I really enjoyed the language he used around mindfulness and think anyone listening can benefit.


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