Your Money or Your Life – The Vicki Robin Interview


Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau interviews Vicki Robin, the co-author of the classic and groundbreaking book Your Money or Your Life. What do you trade the hours of your life for? How can you transform your relationship with money and forge financial independence? This was a pivotal book in Kathleen’s life.


Comments from Kathleen:

Does money serve you or enslave you? What are you trading to get a paycheck each week? I hated my own answers to these questions and my lack of awareness had led me to stay ten years in a job I hated to pay for crap I didn’t need. There are a lot of financial books out there, but Your Money or Your Life drastically impacted my point of view and my behavior surrounding money. (And never has a book title so fully captured the content.) I loved hearing Vicki Robin so candidly and personally discuss the concepts and back story of Your Money or Your Life.

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A few highlights:

  • Money equals life energy. Are you being a good steward?
  • Financial independence. How do you unhook yourself from consumer culture?
  • The definition of ‘enough’.
  • More money does not mean more happiness.
  • Get out of debt – NO CREDIT CARDS.
  • The connection between our finances and the health of the planet.


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