Megan Dix

Megan’s love for the mind-body connection started during her time as a dancer on her high-school dance team. She was introduced to yoga there as well, and has been practicing and teaching fitness throughout her life thus far. Megan started teaching during her time at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, obtaining her bachelor’s degree in psychology, and teaching yoga and Pilates at the various recreational facilities on campus. During this time she fell in love with the impact that group fitness has on the many people around her, as well as the positive impact staying active has when being a student, and now, a young professional and student of life.


Fitness and yoga have always been a source of joy, and an anchor for Megan during times of stress. She hopes to have a similar impact on the participants in her classes. Not only does Megan teach, but she also enjoys developing her knowledge of health, fitness, and wellness overall, which she hopes positively influences and continues to develop her teaching style.